Boxing Day Box


20,000 boxes sold in 6 hours.

We're officially out of boxes.
You people are clinically insane.

Buy a Box.

Got $5? Perfect - we've got boxes. This Boxing Day, make the worst best purchase decision of 2017.

I'm confused.

It's not just a box.

Correction: it's literally just a 5" box. On the face of the box, you'll find an inspiring quote. Put it on your desk to remind friends and family that you're financially responsible.

Limited Edition Box (5

Similar to the Original Box, this Limited Edition Box is also a box. It's made from stuff that boxes are made from. Cardboard? Not entirely sure, tbh. The Limited Edition Box is not just a unique piece of custom artwork... buy now and it'll become the only thing in your life that won't judge you for buying Bitcoin at $19,000.

Size: 5" x 5" x 5"

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I put the box on my desk at work. My boss asked me about it and I lost my job. How do I get a refund?

– Harold

I got the limited edition box. I was planning to put my last $10 in there, but I spent it on the box.

– Also Harold