Boxing Day Box

(in)Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dbrand selling boxes?

It's Boxing Day, idiot.

Don't you normally sell skins? Why are you selling boxes?

We got tired of selling skins. Now we're selling boxes.

Why am I buying a box from dbrand?

Not sure, tbh. We like to imagine that someone gave you $5 for Christmas and this is your passive-aggressive way of getting back at them.

What can my box do?

It can hold your hopes and dreams. Also, it's empty and pointless - like your hopes and dreams.

Shouldn't I be spending my money more carefully?

Nobody's forcing you to buy this box. You're free to leave this site and live the rest of your life box-less.

Is my box waterproof?

Yes! Provided you keep it completely dry.

How big is the box?

It's a 5" cube. Kind of like a Rubik's Cube! But already solved... and made of cardboard.

How will my box ship?

In an envelope. It's really the only way to ship a box.

Is shipping free? I won't buy this box unless it has free shipping. How do I get free shipping?

Settle down, you cheap bastard. Shipping is free.

When will my box ship?


The original plan was to ship everything by December 31st. That was before 20,000 of you weirdos decided it was a good idea to buy a cardboard box. Our box manufacturer, who thought we were insane for doing this in the first place, is now going full-steam on production and estimates that we'll receive the boxes by January 4th. We'll ship them all out on January 5th.

If I don't like my box, how do I return it?

You don't.

What's the difference between the Original and Limited Edition boxes?

One fills you with regret. The other fills you with regret and costs $10.

Will my existing boxes work with my new dbrand box?

As industry-leading box scientists(?), we can confirm that your existing box may or may not fit inside your new dbrand box.

I have more questions. What do I do?

Write us a letter, then throw it in the trash.