Boxing Day Box

(in)Frequently Asked Questions v2.0

Why is dbrand selling boxes?

It's Boxing Day, you moron. What else are we supposed to sell?

Don't you normally sell skins? Why are you selling boxes?

We made enough money on skins. It's time to build our Box Empire.

Why am I buying a box from dbrand?

Because 0% of your purchase will go directly to the charity of your choice.

What can my box do?

It can sit on your desk as a reminder of the unjustifiably poor purchasing decisions you make.

Shouldn't I be spending my money more carefully?

Let's be honest... this doesn't even hit the radar for the dumbest things you bought this week.

Is my box waterproof?

Sure. It also predicts the price of cryptocurrencies and tastes great when deep-fried.

How big is the box?

Certainly not big enough to hold your mom's disappointment, when she finds out you spent $5 on a box.

How will my box ship?

Without tracking, so don't even ask.

Is shipping free? I won't buy this box unless it has free shipping. How do I get free shipping?

Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, we're unsure of when Rick and Morty will return for Season 4.

When will my box ship?

Assuming anyone actually purchases these things, they'll ship right away. 

Hmmm... looks like we underestimated the power of the internet on this one. Given the fact that we sold about 19,000 more boxes than projected, all boxes will ship by January 5th. If you're having anxiety about your cardboard box order not having shipped yet, please take a look in the mirror and reconsider your priorities.

If I don't like my box, how do I return it?

You can't, but you can probably sell it to your idiot friends for double the price.

What's the difference between the Original and Limited Edition boxes?

One is the original. The other is a limited edition.

Will my existing boxes work with my new dbrand box?

How many boxes do you own? Also, why?

I have more questions. What do I do?

Try the internet.